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Life Strike 7"



Allow Life Strike to take you to a new world.

A world where wastelanders reminisce about the good times when there was plenty of pet food left in the deteriorating supermarkets. A world where gangs of cannibalistic youths force other apocalypse survivors to roll dice that they’ve carved from teeth, to determine if they’ll be on tonight’s menu. A world where some choose to start co-ops and grow vegetables, some dance to the light of the corporation satellites, and some, like Artemis, obsess over uploading their souls to the last functioning ComSat in orbit around our forsaken earth.

Life Strike is a garage rock/punk band from Melbourne Australia who sing catchy songs about our dystopian future. Their characters inhabit and explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Bringing with them some of the sensibilities of their previous bands Deaf Wish and Dollar Bar, Nick Pratt (bass, vox) and Patrick McCabe (guitar, vox) along with Will Zerno on drums, use a combination of noise-rock epics, garage pop, and short stabby punk to bring the wasteland to life.

Their live set has drawn comparisons to classic acts like The Gordons, Wire, The Cure and The Scientists, also modernists like The Black Lips and Parquet Courts.

Life Strike’s debut 7” includes four songs recorded and mixed by Nick Pratt and mastered by Mikey Young.

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